Pyaler release: RESTful interface for arduinos

After a colleague pointed out the Yaler project, that aims to control an arduino using a RESTful interface, he challenged us to do the same, but simpler and in python. That’s how we started the Pyaler project and how I started to have some interest about Arduinos.

Pyaler has not been long to code, so at first, it enabled me to control a green-LED using REST queries. That was fun, but not that much.

Then at the RMLL2010, John from Hackable:Devices gave me an RGB LED, that I made to work with Arduino and Pyaler. I put a demo on the stand so anybody could come and change the light using the public IP address of my laptop.

Still at the RMLL, Jimmie P. Rodgers gave me a LOLShield so I can test Pyaler with something funnier. Sadly, the Lolshield could only display static strings, then I recoded the library so it supports dynamic strings taken from the serial line (see my previous post).

We finally released today Pyaler, now available on Pypi. And a live demo is online at so you can change the displayed string and watch it change in a live video broadcast.